Did You Know that Most Chronic Diseases are Preventable?

It’s not hard to be healthy once you know the secret. Simple changes in diet, lifestyle and the amount and quality of rest you get can make a huge difference in your health.

Your nutritional choices have a huge impact on wellness, so don’t you think you should be making the choices that are right for you as an individual? No one diet works for everyone we are all very different when it comes to what our bodies need. Don’t choose what to eat based on what works for others. Choose what works for you!

Hippocrates said it perfectly 2600 years ago, “One man’s food is another man’s poison.”

Conventional medicine focuses on treating symptoms rather than the root cause of disease. If you are experiencing a symptom or chronic condition, the problem has most likely been developing for some time. The goal of holistic nutrition is to facilitate optimal health while looking at a person as a whole, attempting to bring balance to all areas of the person’s life by making changes in diet, recommending appropriate supplements, and suggesting lifestyle changes.

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SleepBookSleep is a basic human need, as important for good health as nutrition and exercise. When we sleep, our body rests and repairs. Growth hormone, which helps to repair all the damage that has been done that day, is released during sleep. Restful sleep lays the groundwork for a productive day ahead. Rejuvenating sleep is an extremely important and fundamental part of feeling your best again.  If you are having trouble getting restful sleep this is the guide for you.

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