PURELIFE ENEMA Coffee Enema Kit / Medium Roast / 1/2 Lb Coffee

USA Made 2 Qt Stainless Steel Enema Kit !  

304 Food Grade Stainless Steel & Medical Silicone Tubing Doctor’s Choice for Medical Use – Not a lower grade Import

A great starter kit!  The PureLife USA Coffee Enema Kit by PureLife Health Equipment is the leader in high-quality colon cleansing kits and coffee enema kits. PureLife Coffee Enema Kits have non-toxic parts, including medical-grade silicone enema tubing, medical grade plastic enema nozzles and safe 304 food-grade stainless steel bucket.  

PureLife Enema Coffee is Certified Organic and uniquely processed through Air Roast method to improve the cafestol and palmitic acid. It is different from store-bought coffee, as they do not use fire or drum roasting methods, which can burn the beans and become carcinogenic.  PureLife Enema Coffee is the purest coffee.  The medium roast coffee is accepted by Gerson Institute for their patients.  Pure

No worry about mold or fungus in PureLife Enema Coffee! 

Unlike cheaper quality beans, PureLife Health Equipment only buys and grinds specialty grade coffee beans!  With PureLife Enema Therapy Coffee, you do not have to worry about fungus or mold.

Your Purchase of a PureLife Enema Kit will include:

  • 2 Qt USA 304  Food Grade Stainless Steel Enema Bucket – Made in USA, Holds 8 cups
  • 5 Feet  medical-grade silicone tubing with clinch clamp – BPA and latex free
  • 16-inch long x 16FR  latex colon tube – recommended by Gerson Therapy for use with coffee enemas
  • 3.5 inch long medical-grade plastic straight enema tip nozzle
  • Medical-grade women’s douche nozzle (not for enema use)
  • 1/2 lb of PureLife Enema Coffee by PureLife Health Equipment – Medium Air Roasted – Fine Grind – 100% Certified Organic
  • Enema Instructions & “The Little Enema Book” for coffee enema

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Purelife Organic Enema Coffee / Medium Air Roast / Gerson Accepted

Purelife Enema Coffee is accepted by Gerson Institute. It is quite different from store bought coffee. If you want the purest coffee, without toxins, chemicals or mycotoxins, then you want Purelife Enema Coffee. For a superior liver detox. PureLife Enema Coffee is 100% USDA certified organic


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