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Did You Know that Most Chronic Diseases are Preventable?

It’s not hard to be healthy once you know the secret. Simple changes in diet, lifestyle and the amount and quality of rest you get can make a huge difference in your health.

Your nutritional choices have a huge impact on wellness, so don’t you think you should be making the choices that are right for you as an individual? No one diet works for everyone we are all very different when it comes to what our bodies need. Don’t choose what to eat based on what works for others. Choose what works for you!

Hippocrates said it perfectly 2600 years ago, “One man’s food is another man’s poison.”

Conventional medicine focuses on treating symptoms rather than the root cause of disease. If you are experiencing a symptom or chronic condition, the problem has most likely been developing for some time. The goal of holistic nutrition is to facilitate optimal health while looking at a person as a whole, attempting to bring balance to all areas of the person’s life by making changes in diet, recommending appropriate supplements, and suggesting lifestyle changes.

I Want to Help You

I am a board-certified holistic nutritionist with additional functional medicine nutrition training. I help people identify the root cause of their health problems so they can get their life back!  Together we figure out what’s causing your symptoms and support those areas of dysfunction until they are back to optimal function. 

I help people heal! Not knowing where to find answers is scary. I know, I’ve been there. What do you do when you go from doctor to doctor, from specialist to specialist and they don’t have an answer? This has happened to me many times. Just thinking about it brings back a feeling of helplessness and panic. I don’t want this happen to you. 

Mold Detox and Recovery

Do you have symptoms of toxic mold exposure?  Do you have mold in your environment? Mold illness is real, very serious and quite traumatic. When you have toxic mold injury not only are you scared and sick but you have to deal with testing, cleaning,  and remediating your environment or even worse, moving, and discarding your old possessions.  Then you have to buy new non-toxic possessions, all while changing your diet and taking many supplements on a very tight schedule. You also need to implement specific stress reduction strategies all while often having to convince family and friends that your illness is not just all in your head.  And sadly all of this is piled on top of trying to get your life back.

I have first-hand experience navigating this mold nightmare. Unfortunately, I had to become an expert out of necessity to save myself and my family. There is a lot of false information floating around on the internet.  Honestly, through a lot of trial and error,  I have it figured out.  I can help you make many of the hard decisions that you will be faced with during your healing journey.  I can provide a personalized plan to save you time, money and help you navigate the madness that inevitably comes along with the illness.  Call me today for a free 15-minute conversation so you can see how I can help support you through this difficult time. Click here to learn about my favorite natural detox strategies guide.

Other Conditions

I am successfully supporting a variety of health conditions. Each plan is personalized. If you suffer from one or more of the conditions below, you are in the right place. 

  • Menopause Management: Weight Management and Symptom Alleviation
  • Detoxification:  Heavy Metal Toxicity, Chemical Exposure, Mold Exposure
  • Autoimmune Conditions: Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, Celiac, Non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and more.  Autoimmunity starts in the gut. You have to heal your gut to improve your condition.
  • Digestive Disorders: Leaky Gut, Acid Reflux, Gas, Bloating, IBS, Constipation, Diarrhea 
  • Weight Loss
  • Pre-Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome: Fatty Liver, High Cholesterol / High Triglycerides / High Blood Pressure
  • Fatigue: General Fatigue, Adrenal Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Mental Health: Anxiety, Depression

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