Things I Use

Thera360 Portable Sauna

The Thera360TM featuringTheraFusionTM InfraRed Technology has completely revolutionized personal health products with its patented Infrared Portable Sauna. Featuring our proprietary exclusive Natural Earth Element Full Spectrum Infrared heating panels, with Tourmaline gem stones, to generate an abundance of negative ions,  and bathe your body from every angle in gentle full spectrum Infrared frequencies and negative ions, with no exposure to harmful EMF’s.   Therasage 360’s revolutionary Advanced Earthing Technology (AET) further enhances the healing experience by capturing the charge of the Earth to help balance the delicate polarity of the body and improve cellular communication. Our unique method to shield harmful EMF’s allows the body to absorb the maximum healing benefits of our Thera360 InfraRed sauna. The Thera360 professional portable InfraRed Sauna is energy efficient, easily folds and stores in a closet or under a bed.  The Therasage Thera360 Full Spectrum Sauna is the only portable sauna that offers full spectrum infrared, negative ions, earthing, and no EMF’s at an affordable price for everyone in the world to embrace optimal health!!!

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TheraPro Multi-Therapeutic Healing Pad

A unique device using cutting-edge technology, TheraPro delivers 7 powerful healing modalities in one.  When using these 7 technologies, the benefits are far-reaching, numerous, and cumulative.  The TheraPro is a low-EMF, no-flicker, multi-therapeutic healing pad that you can use in the comfort of your home.Research has shown that using the healing technologies included in our TheraPro can provide many benefits to support the natural healing and regenerative processes of the body.  The TheraPro is unique because there are no other products available that offer all of the following modalities at the same time.The TheraPro includes




  • PEMF with 9 Individual Settings
  • Red Light Photon technology
  • GEM Stones Technology
  • Full Spectrum InfraRed Heat
  • TENS
  • EMF Remediation – Harmonizing – Shielding  & Blocking

You will also experience the benefits of:

  • Earthing/Grounding Technology
  • Negative Ions

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Healing & Detoxing Heating Pad Large

Full Spectrum Infrared • Grounding/Earthing • No EMFs

Therasage has completely revolutionized personal healing products with its proprietary line of TheraFusion™ Instant Calmer™ Healing Pads. The difference is Infrared heat. Conventional pads use heating coils and emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation or EMF. Such products only heat your skin. Our unique Far Infrared Pads, with enhanced therapeutic benefits through TheraFusion Technology, effectively relieves pain, increases circulation and naturally removes harmful toxins. Infrared technology is the wave of the future in the health and wellness industry. Our uniquely crafted heating pads, with natural jade stones, use Far Infrared heat to penetrate deep into your body for optimal relaxation and pain relief.

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Medium Roast / 1/2 Lb Coffee

USA Made 2 Qt Stainless Steel Enema Kit !

304 Food Grade Stainless Steel & Medical Silicone Tubing Doctor’s Choice for Medical Use – Not a lower grade Import

A great starter kit!  The PureLife USA Coffee Enema Kit by PureLife Health Equipment is the leader in high-quality colon cleansing kits and coffee enema kits. PureLife Coffee Enema Kits have non-toxic parts, including medical-grade silicone enema tubing, medical grade plastic enema nozzles and safe 304 food-grade stainless steel bucket.

PureLife Enema Coffee is Certified Organic and uniquely processed through Air Roast method to improve the cafestol and palmitic acid. It is different from store-bought coffee, as they do not use fire or drum roasting methods, which can burn the beans and become carcinogenic.  PureLife Enema Coffee is the purest coffee.  The medium roast coffee is accepted by Gerson Institute for their patients.  Pure

No worry about mold or fungus in PureLife Enema Coffee! 

Unlike cheaper quality beans, PureLife Health Equipment only buys and grinds specialty grade coffee beans!  With PureLife Enema Therapy Coffee, you do not have to worry about fungus or mold.

Your Purchase of a PureLife Enema Kit will include:

  • 2 Qt USA 304  Food Grade Stainless Steel Enema Bucket – Made in USA, Holds 8 cups
  • 5 Feet  medical-grade silicone tubing with clinch clamp – BPA and latex free
  • 16-inch long x 16FR  latex colon tube – recommended by Gerson Therapy for use with coffee enemas
  • 3.5 inch long medical-grade plastic straight enema tip nozzle
  • Medical-grade women’s douche nozzle (not for enema use)
  • 1/2 lb of PureLife Enema Coffee by PureLife Health Equipment – Medium Air Roasted – Fine Grind – 100% Certified Organic
  • Enema Instructions & “The Little Enema Book” for coffee enema

Buy  Enema Kits Here


Purelife Organic Enema Coffee / Medium Air Roast / Gerson Accepted

Purelife Enema Coffee is accepted by Gerson Institute. It is quite different from store bought coffee. If you want the purest coffee, without toxins, chemicals or mycotoxins, then you want Purelife Enema Coffee. For a superior liver detox. PureLife Enema Coffee is 100% USDA certified organic

Buy 2 lbs Ground Enema Coffee Here         

Buy 5 lbs Whole Enema Coffee Here


Glass Water Bottles

32 Oz Glass Water Bottle Silicone Sleeve Leak Proof Lid 1L Time Markings Measurements BPA Free For To-Go Travel At Home Reusable Safe For Hot Liquids Tea Coffee Daily Intake Drink – Xtremeglas Hydrate


Lifefactory 16-Ounce BPA-Free Glass Water Bottle with Leakproof Cap and Silicone Sleeve, Raspberry



Glass Food Storage Containers

Pyrex 18 Piece Simply Store Food Storage Set, Clear  29.99 


Excalibur 2400 4-Tray Economy Dehydrator 

  • 4-tray dehydrator, 4 square feet of drying space
  • Economy model performs like larger models but has no frills
  • Starter – great way to try dehydrating
  • Includes adjustable thermostat
  • Easy to clean polyscreen tray inserts

AcuRite 01083 Pro Accuracy Indoor Temperature & Humidity Monitor

Know your indoor environment. With an AcuRite Pro Accuracy Indoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor, you get reliable information that can help you ensure a comfortable living space, and better air quality, all while taking steps to preserve your home’s interior and valuable possessions. This temperature sensor and humidity gauge combination offers enhanced accuracy and frequent measurement updates on an easy-to-read digital display. Compact, easy to use, and offering a variety of mounting options, it’s a must-have for any home or office. One-year limited warranty.


Moisture Meter, Pinless, Digital LCD with Tricolor Bar Graph

Water Damage is the First Sign of Mold

Finding moisture is the first step in early mold prevention. High levels of moisture that go untreated are the main cause for harmful mold growth in the home.

With the MMD7NP pinless moisture meter by General Tools, scanning large areas of drywall and wood is easy with the pinless pad sensor. Quickly determine where your major problems areas are without making pin holes in your walls.

Worried about a leak? This meter can help you track it to its source. This can also be a great help in flood damaged homes. Use it to find where the water line truly stops so that you can remediate and stop future damage.


berkeyfiltersusa travel berkey water filters


Berkey Water Filters provide the ultimate in waterborne contamination removal. They are used worldwide to set the international standard for water filters used in clean or hostile filtration environments.