Meet Micki Contini

Micki Contini MS BCNC, is a board-certified holistic nutrition consultant, Functional Health & Wellness Coach, Toxic Mold Detox Coach and Optimal Energy Coach. She also holds a Master of Science in Holistic Health and Nutrition. Micki is on a mission to educate and empower people worldwide about natural solutions to take control of their own health. She teaches about the healing powers of eating nutritious whole food, reducing toxic load, breathing clean air, and drinking pure water. She educates on how to make simple lifestyle changes that can produce big results. She believes in bio-individuality and helps clients design their personalized formula for good health.

After experiencing a major health crisis (thyroid cancer) and many other health struggles, (gut dysfunction, sugar addiction, candida, depression/anxiety, emotional eating) in her early 30’s she sought help from countless conventional medicine providers with no resolve. Micki had no choice but to take matters into her own hands and learn how to heal herself by using root cause resolution. Sadly Micki soon discovered that most of her health problems were rooted in unhealthy dietary and lifestyle choices and toxic overload.

In the last few years, her world has been turned upside down by toxic mold. At one point, sick and bedridden for months, she was sure she was going to die. Micki became a mold expert out of necessity; to save herself and her family. She’s been on a long-term recovery and detoxification protocol to resolve the debilitating fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, and many other mysterious symptoms caused by mycotoxin illness, also called CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) and recently renamed Environmentally Acquired Illness.

Micki’s goal is to help you recover as easily and as quickly as possible using customized functional medicine/nutrition protocols. Her passion is helping YOU take back your health. Micki has helped hundreds of clients improve and, in many cases, reverse their health problems. First, she finds the root cause. Then, she strengthens the body by building strong foundations. She uses a personalized approach including targeted nutrition, gentle detoxification methods, effective stress-reduction therapies, restful sleep strategies, and appropriate exercise/movement

Additional Training:

  • The Science of Wellbeing, Yale University, Professor Lori Santos
  • CHE Home Prescriber Course, Centre for Homeopathic Education, Hilery Dorrian
  • Environmental Health Symposium 2020,  Immunotoxicity: The Intersection Between Toxic Exposure, Infectious Disease and Autoimmunity
  • International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness 2019, Inaugural Conference Healing Complex Patients in a Toxic World  
  • Cogence® Immunology, Dr Yanuck
  • Environmental Toxin Summit, Great Plains Laboratory, Inc
  • Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, Dr. Dicken Weatherby
  • Integrative Healthcare Symposium
  • Functional Medicine Training, Chris Kresser
  • Successful Aging – Lifestyle Medicine Protocols for a Vital Brain, Heart, and Gut Deanna Marie Minich, Ph.D.
  • Integrative Cancer Care: Optimizing the Biological Terrain and Supporting Healthy Function, Nalini Chilkov, LAc, OMD
  • 21st Century Treatment for Addictive Disorders: Neuro-Nutrient Therapy, Julia Ross, M.A., M.F.T.
  • Nutrition for Healthy Pregnancy, Nourishing Hope, Julie Mathews
  • Life Coaching: Life & Leadership Potentials Practitioner, Institute for Professional Coaching, IPec
  • Institute of Functional Medicine, Cardiometabolic Advanced Practice Module, Energy Advanced Module, GI Advanced  Practice Module, Detox Module
  • Balanced Body® Reformer Instructor, Balanced Body
  • Midlife Fitness for Women, Aerobics, and Fitness Association of America Certified Midlife Exercise Instructor
  • Yoga Essentials, Aerobics, and Fitness Association of America
  • AFAA, Aerobics, and Fitness Association of America Certified Exercise Instructor Continuing Education
  • MadDog, Aerobics,  Certified Spinning Instructor