How many personal care products do you use everyday? Toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, cosmetics, deodorant, soap or body wash, maybe some, baby lotion or moisturizing lotion? The average adult uses 9 personal care products each day, that contain known or probable human carcinogens.

Your skin is very porous, so putting a harmful chemical on it is just as bad as eating the toxin. According to the EWG an organization that promotes personal care product safety, the FDA doesn’t require certain chemicals to be listed on the labels.

1,4-Dioxane is a known carcinogen that can cause some serious side effects. A carcinogen is substance that is directly involved in causing cancer. Even though it is harmful, 1,4-Dioxane is used as a solvent in many personal care products even some leading healthy brands. The big problem here is that you might or might not find on the label. Here is the EPA’s summary of 1,4-Dioxane:

  • 1,4-Dioxane is used as a solvent.  Acute (short-term) inhalation exposure to high levels of 1,4-dioxane has caused vertigo, drowsiness, headache, anorexia and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs in humans.  It may also irritate the skin.  Damage to the liver and kidneys has been observed in rats chronically (long-term) exposed in their drinking water.  In three epidemiologic studies on workers exposed to 1,4-dioxane, the observed number of cancer cases did not differ from the expected cancer deaths.  Tumors have been observed in orally exposed animals.  EPA has classified 1,4-dioxane as a Group B2, probable human carcinogen.

3 Steps to Become Toxin Free

1) Before buying any product that you will use on your skin read labels and then do some research. Chances are if it has the USDA Organic seal on it you’re safe. Dr. Bronner’s is one brand that I found to be free of the nasty stuff.I use Dr. Bronner’s Organic Pure Castile Liquid Soap. You can find it here.

2) EWG Skin Deep Cosmetic Database is a great resource. You can enter product names in the search box and then instantly get a product summary, ingredient concerns and even suggestions on where to purchase.  To make buying healthy products even easier try Skin Deep Mobile App. Just scan the bar code. It’s free. Get it here.

3) And of course you could always make your own. Many ingredients you already have in your kitchen can be used to make personal care products. Coconut oil, and sugar can be used to replace your body scrub. Olive oil is a good make up remover. Baking soda, coconut oil and essential oils (mint) can be used for toothpaste. Here’s where I have gotten many recipe ideas for making safe product for me and my family.

Please comment and let me know what your favorite brands are. Also please post any favorite DIY recipes for a personal products that you love. Thanks and I look forward to reading your comments.


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